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Thought i’d show you guys the “iRollie” today, which is basically just a rolling tray case that snaps onto your iPhone! Thought it was a pretty novel idea, but it’s pretty handy if you need to roll quickly on the go!


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  • I roll on my phone you don't need this case

  • for me personally i find myself without a flat surface to roll on in a car in which case the bud that doesnt make it into the joint, is either on the car floor or on my lap where i have to pick it out. pretty pointless imo. i was expecting something to roll on top of but hey to each his own

  • in the islands… where i am from we take our ash and rub it in out beards…

  • I'm still waiting for the day you say "hello my name would be josh… but it's not. it's Martin. I'm Martin. hi"

  • I have like 6minutes to roll me a spliff, 4 if I rush it. But after couple of months it gets pretty professional, and I actually like the process, and since I use papes from a roll, I can adjust shape and size for every single joint so it fits my desire everytime lol

  • "Your job is to be a filter – not to be in the way"
    Lmao I'm sure that's the point of filters, to be in the way

  • hey man i kinda wanna do stuff like this on my channel and i was wondering if you had any tips for me or anything

  • I had the iroll or whatever it's called for awhile. terrible phone case but you've got plenty of room to stash stuff and it looks like a battery extender. dropped my iphone in that case and it smashed.

  • Crap as jay.

  • lmao 13 year olds can roll cones in the uk

  • Where did you get your shirt?? I need it.

  • I think this product is slightly dumb, but that's me lol

  • Could just use the screen of the phone.

  • roll more on the show. cones are cool to bro.

  • Smartest, most practical video yet.

  • I use the birth certificate of Jesus Christ to roll on

  • i saw this thing on a food channel (don't judge me) but its a tray that hooks up to your steering wheel and it can help you if your in a car without a mag or somethin. just an idea

  • Stoner nursery rhyme "filter stay, your job is to be a filter not to be in the way"

  • pineapples!

  • do you have a mass roots account??