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Thought i’d try a timebomb with an oil rig today, because I realized the joint tip fits in a 10mm rig almost perfectly!! It worked waaaaaaay better than I thought!!

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  • lol months

  • hes so high "i rolled this up and put it in a joint" haha

  • probably a good roach clip tho.

  • Can you do the same thing with blunts??

  • Where did you get that piece ??

  • Your are one of the best, if not THE best youtuber I know of! Your advices, your voice, your type of explainig is just making me feel happy when I'm not. I absolutely love you bro! Keep making this kind of videos and keep making people happy, beacause you are good at this!!! I also want to ask a question. Can I pass out the first time I will be smoking? 😀 <3 <3 <3

  • Are you high or something 

  • Where'd you get that rig from?

  • what is that glass piece called

  • they should make WeedTube and he be on of the main people

  • they definitely have those. shaped like an apple even.

  • That's an awesome little Hookah

  • 1+1= high

  • :D

  • Do this all the time, good stuff man. Keep up the great vids.

  • i would love to see that bong smoking joint

  • I feel like only you and customgrow can keep me entertained in videos that don't have a big talking point, love these chill videos.

  • What is that lighter case??

  • Does anyone know the background music used? The song by NecKClippA?

  • i do this alot of times with a normal bong :p