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“Jillybean” (Strain Review)


Jillybean is a Sativa dominant Hybrid cross of (Orange Velvet x Space Queen) that smells & tastes EXACTLY like orange peels and provides you with a very cererbral high that is creative, euphoric, happy, and uplifting! Would be great for those suffering from Depression, Stress, Nausea, and Appetite Stimulation. Overall I give it a [6.7/7] One of my new personal favorites!!


  • cheers

  • loved this just picked it up yesterday flavor aroma everything is just on point witht this strain … pick this up and grab quaninty cuz your gonna want more hahaha

  • just picked up an oil extract of thus strain for my pen. excited to try it out?

  • We picked up some in Spokane and honestly the smell/taste was so bad to me I just could not do it. Passed it all off to the wife and she liked it a lot. I was very piney with strong orange tones like you said but it was the pine that did it for me.

  • just picked some up myself about to toke cheers

  • what is your personal favorite for anxiety. also what is the strongest strain you ever tried?

  • Aussie shoutout! ??☺️

  • I kept expecting his Mom or Dad to come busting through the door.

  • So awesome to literally just think of a strain and search your playlist, BOOM there it was! Jilly bean shatter is my favorite oil ever, cheers!

  • smells like Skittles we grew that

  • good music , great through reviews , makes me laugh sometimes lol why arent you working for leafly bro?

  • Picked up a eighth from Durango, CO. Definitely one of the better buds I've smoked

  • Dude I really enjoy ur videos

  • Hey man what was that music at the last part there? Very smooth and grooving, yes!

  • Lol gillybean is my nickname love this strain

  • Orange velvet right now

  • Love your page! 

  • This was good stuff I have literally the exact same by tga! good smell but I didn't like the taste too much


  • Kali Mist