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JENVER! (SC Life #2)


Another rad trip filled with hilarious incredible moments & like-minded people. Not only did I learn insane amounts about cannabis this trip, I definitely came out of it with a creative spark, ready to go!!

Hope you all enjoy!

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  • I love boulder dude! pretty cool seeing you chilling in one of my favorite places in my state

  • Hey how about all you fucks stay the hell out of Denver and Boulder. YOU ARE RUNING OUR COMMUNITY. thanks.

  • All of josh s friends are hipsters ?

  • at :30 what is he smoking out of?


  • big up telic on the beats

  • when u film your life that's called a vlog

  • Are you in Denver? We would love to get you some caps man! I think youd love them from the content I've seen. Please check us out 🙂


  • not bad josh

  • calab with xcodeh

  • Lol, yall barely walked half a mile up bluebell trail, the very beginning of the park… Should of just gone to the end of the road parking lot and walked up to the apple trees or something.

  • Sick video bro definitely one of my fav weedtubers! Keep up the great work and stay medicated!!

  • What a headbanger

  • Josh, thank you for all the videos man. You have really helped me through a lot and you have no idea how much it means. Keep it positive man cheers~

  • Lol yer in Denver wanna match

  • you gay?

  • ur friend looks like a white Kyrie Irving

  • "How many v-necks do you have?" Slower-Like one, I just wash everyday. That made me geek. Slower is too funny.

  • Haha it's the stoner march!