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“Jack The Ripper” – (Concentrate Review)


Jack The Ripper is a 70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid strain by TGA genetics. It’s a cross between [Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen] that provides you with a very energetic, euphoric, and creative high.

It’s great for PTSD, Depression, Stress, Nausea, and Appetite Stimulation. Overall I give this strain a solid [6.1/7]

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  • I got here by looking for a Jack The Ripper film review for my history homework ……

  • Why no jack herer review also I was looking for a Skywalker og or headband

  • Love those close ups Josh, beautiful looking Oil. Wish I had some. ???

  • I want to try this strain for the fact that it has a large amount of thcv (tetrahyrdocannabivarin) 

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  • Canada just made oil/concertrates/idables legal for all people with a mmar or mmpr which is basically a weed precipitation which i have. For a place where flower is legal for anyone over 21 it weird they are hating on concertrates.

  • does grace glass make good bong +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)

  • You should stock up

  • cool man

  • i dewaxed some sugar wax bho today using the rosin tech it just left chalky wax in the middle of the paper.

  • I`d dab that shit so hard

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  • I'm Type 1 diabetic and it's no fun to deal with. Jack the Ripper is a very rare strain where I live, because I live in a state where there is no medical cannabis. Everybody here doesn't care about strains, they just want to get high. All states need to implement medical cannabis. It changed my life even though I'm not an official patient.

  • Time to start making it at home. Fucking government

  • Rosin will takeover after the new law

  • Where do you get your background music, josh?

    I can see myself blazing to some of these vibes

  • lol do you ever feel paranoia , anxiety , anything? have you ever smoked too much? do you even get high? you seem like one of those people that drugs has absolutely no affect on, no hate, just seems so natural for you

  • StrainCentral is the shit! Lots of great information. Thanks for making videos.
    Keep it up dude! One Love