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Thought i’d make a video to cover the major differences between vaping cannabis (flower) and vaping concentrates. Just a quick breakdown of some pro’s and con’s of each!!

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  • cha cha cha cheers!!

  • Yeah more posts in general pls 🙏🏼. Love your vids but like you explained you should be more active ! 😁

  • Hm. Josh, you have yet to review the magic flight launch box.
    I'd genuinely like to see you try it

  • Nice cut 💯

  • You wouldn't dump water on a red hot nail and watch the vapor rise and say it's smoking you would say it's evaporating or vaporizing so why do it with oil it's the same exact thing and you brought up before why you have to qtip you nail there is some combustion going on because it's pretty much impossible to get out all of the plant material but when your talking about the oil itself not the tiny bits of impurities it's vaporizing

  • When you said that when vaping it won't be as strong not true at all if you buy a decent vape rip a silver surfer or clear a small bag from a volcano and you'll be just as high as a bong rip I prefer bongs but didn't agree with that personally but that's my opinion everyone has one

  • Smoking Herb Vs Smoking oil Vs Eating THC . Which is the strongest in its own form ? Keep up the great work Josh !

  • When my life gets hard i go to bed, sleeping fixes everything.

  • eBay 420 Wax Vapes free shipping

  • Also don't forget that with flower vapes you can save the AVB (already vaped bud) to make edibles. I'm a 200lb guy and usually eat about a tps of it and get pretty ripped. It doesn't taste that good, but there are plenty of recipes online that can help with that. I'd say this is a pretty big pro for flower vapes because it allows you to 'recycle' your bud and get high twice, in a sense.

  • wait.. couldnt u put a carbon filter onto a vape… and then have full stealth smoking O.o!!!

  • Hey I just switched to BONGS from BLUNTS and I need help , what the fuck is a percolator ?

  • Lol smoking joints

  • U need to star smoking weed

  • Two days ago: Josh needs to stop posting sponsored reviews because they are all the same!

    Today: Josh is trying to change things up to make sponsored videos feel individual and fresh, how dare he!

  • My vape never dies, I always have a microUSB cable with me and there's power everywhere!

  • Not a vape enthusiast myself but good to see you back in the groove.

  • Lol they sent him the "eclipse". Good timing

  • why didn't he talk about abv?

  • Hey love your videos bro. Quick question is saving your already vaped bud not a pro of using a dry herb vape? You basically get to use it twice