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IS PURPLE WEED BETTER??? – (Weed Myths #2)


Saw some people arguing in my comments a couple weeks ago over the fact that purple weed was “better”, so I thought i’d actually address what actually causes cannabis to be purple, as well as address the question, “Is purple weed actually better?”

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  • Nice too see a stoner that knows what they're smoking don't personally smoke but it makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing stoners

  • But Vincente, marijuana prohibition was originally intertwined with suppression of non narcotic hemp products. And I think we have a better word for "activists". Stoners! As for weed being about something other than getting high we could talk about all the medical and therapeutic benefits…

  • JUMANJI!!!!!

  • Do you smoke

  • ill like grand daddy purple and purple haze

  • Sorry everybody but you don't need a 7 minute video to tell you if purple weed is better or not lol it depends on strain and also conditions that the plants grew in. I live in Canada so during harvest season when all the leaves are changing colors on the oak and maple trees, your outdoor weed can be affected by the cold too. sometimes turning shades of purple and red. indoor weed can also be turned purple if it is starved of nitrogen i believe. Never pay extra for purple weed, its not special its just easy on the eyes.

  • Ki

    Higher ph leads to a purple/blue color

    And lower ph gives a red/orange color, get your facts right

  • ''but i dont always like walking around with weed leaves on my shirt"

  • Werewolf.

  • so it's not better, but is it worse? or about the same?

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  • soil temp locking out phosphorus (P). Oo

  • thanks for the positive vibes man

  • Subbed for the good vibes ?

  • Josh <3

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  • Is purple weed better?

  • dude ur awesome bro

  • Some people shock the plants buy giving them super cold water….when the plant get stressed it turns purple……so basically just selling you the myth of purple weed

  • Great info for the mind weed Is great all the time….All strains are great