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“IMAG+ Vaporizer” – (Product Review)



Did a in-depth review today for the “IMAG+ Vaporizer”. This is a dry herb vape with 3 temperature settings, ranging from 374-446°F – The IMAG+ gives off great flavor, produces a large amount of vapor, and looks like an ordinary e-cig. Overall I give it a [6.2/7] – Would be a great vaporizer for on-the-go use!!! Very stealthy and extremely easy to use!!


  • shit is beautiful

  • which is better arizer air or imag plus?

  • couple questions. does the vapor linger aka would the smell be recognizable the day after in the same room? and if u were to use the ABV for edibles how much would u use?

  • …but it does oil too!

  • Hey man,love the videos and a subscriber for a long time. I always wondered what the instrumental was with the guitar, and never got around to asking so what's the name?

  • Love the vids man, do you know if it's a passthru device like most "mod" e-cigs? Meaning it can be used while charging. I'm looking at the 2.0 version now from wizardpuff.

  • So once the timer goes off does that mean that you can no longer vape the herb? Or can you turn it back on and continue for more hits?

  • How many puffs can you use when at full battery? Thanks.

  • imag+ or flowermate?

  • Thanks for the review Josh! I've been looking into buying a vaporizer for some time now and the ImagPlus looks like the perfect one for me to use 

  • Should I get this or the Trippy stix 2.0?

  • Ive had a knock off of the imag for a while now gets me pretty toasted on some k never combusted decent vape clouds id recommend the real thing to everyone 

  • Does it reak?

  • Is this like an ecig where u need to replace the coils and tank constantly or do maintenance every few weeks to keep it running smoothly?

  • Hey Josh! Ive decided I want to give vaping a try. I cant decide between the IMAG+, or the Magic Flight Launch box. Does the IMAG conserve weed as well as the MFLB? Which would you recommend? Cheers!

  • How much is the shipping? 

  • Hey man I was wondering if you know the shipping time on these vape pens I bought mine from the main imag site for 120

  • How harsh does it feel

  • How many hits can you get before having to clean and replace

  • This guy looks like a lion