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I want to sit down and simply be real with you guys today.. Over the past 6 months, my content has been extremely lacking.. It’s my responsibility to upload consistent quality content for this community & not only do I apologize for not doing so, I also want to make it my goal to come back in full creative force.

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  • Just stop doing paid vape reviews… They're stale at this point…

  • You've posted 6 videos in the last week don't feel so bad

  • Support Josh by rewatching his old videos for now, help get his views up!! He has alot of videos so maybe you'll find something you've never watched before. I did. Cheers guys

  • we <3 u dude, do what makes u happy !!!!!!!!!

  • Hey josh, I am currently struggling with my own mental issues and, I just wanted to say that I have never once thought of you as fake or putting on a persona, and you need to know that the positivism you push is extremely helpful to others, I have had multiple days where I haven't wanted to get out of bed, and then I saw an upload from you and got up and watched it. Every time without fail, your messages inspire me to go and take care of myself. I want you to know your mission is a noble and honorable one. And we in the Strain Central community thank you for everything you have done and every video you have uploaded. We appreciate and love you Josh! Stay positive, stay medicated. Peace Josh!

  • Take care of yourself man! We can wait.. Life is sometimes harsh like weed !


  • A͢F͢S͢P͢.O͢R͢G͢

  • G͢R͢E͢A͢T͢ V͢I͢D͢E͢O͢

  • Start doing kratom

  • Just know that you have true fans for a reason. Youre an awesome person and we love you!! We're all rooting for you. Hope you find whatever you need. ❤

  • Apology accepted josh

  • I've been where you your at m8 been watching your channel for over a year now you helped me out to live more of a positive look on thinks we go up & down shit happens m8 just wanna say I'm thinkin of you my gf was almost in tears watchin hope you feel better soon take care for. Mark & Shania from Dufftow in Scotland

  • love you and you are amazing nobody is perfect. The fact that you are being honest and as transparent as you can be is awesome. Keep up what you doing and learn from your mistakes.

  • Cannabis is the worst for my depression personally. It hurt me mentally, alot…. Its not for everyone, especially large amounts. I understand it helps many people though too. Perhaps try a month or two tolerance break? You never know, it could help you out. It helped me.

  • You will always be loved by everyone in this community for being the amazing person you are bro, stay positive stay medicated peace bro

  • Like you always say Josh positivity is key to a healthy life man keep your head up and keep releasing these bangers love your videos keep up the good work

  • Who doesn't need much but if you ever need to talk just find me on Twitter DM me. I lost a friend this year because she didn't open up to anyone. I don't want that to happen to someone else.

  • dood i dont think you need too say sorry, paid reviews or not, we love you keep it up josh!

  • Shut up pussy