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Had someone ask me if I use ice in my bongs, so it prompted this interesting topic! Did some research (and personal testing) to compare hot water vs ice to figure out which one worked the best!!

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  • tepid water is best.

  • The research tho lol

  • Most bottled water is less filtered than tap water. It'll have more bacteria/minerals, and is more expensive. I'll just stick to filtering my tap water.

  • Afgoo

  • e-Cigs actually aren't water vapor, they're made with Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). For some reason a lot of people think it's water vapor…I don't really know how that got started though lol.

  • "Medical Patients"

  • Stop calling the bong a pipe

  • If im going Dankrupt, what is the best way (besides vaping) to get the most THC out of my weed?

  • whats a THC?????

  • well cooling the smoke causes less irritation in your lungs and throat so I think its worth it. vaping is ideal though

  • pls take down the halo reach poster

  • Do u no wht the best thing out of blunts joints pipes and bongs i did it out of every one but dont no wht is better

  • I only use boiling water, but t doesn't really matter because I hate how harsh bongs taste.

  • what if you used reusable ice cubes in your bong? like the plastic ones you throw in the freezer. that would get rid of the water vapor issue with ice

  • I think you're onto something here. See, back in the day I had iron lungs, could smoke like a champ, and even though exposing my age might cause shit, I'm gonna anyway to get my point across. I'm 17 and I've smoked weed since the age of 9 so when I say back in the day I mean when I was about 13, 14. back then I'd only smoke blunts, papers and bowls really. I was smoking with kids my age and few adults at the time so I wasn't really smoking out of every device known to man. I started smoking bongs and such at about 15, and have always used cold water. I've found that I now have the lungs of a 3 year old. No matter what it is I'm smoking, I cough like it's my first hit ever, and my overall lung health isn't as great as it used to be. I can't blame it all on bongs but that could be a starting place.

  • I'll save your 13min of life, it's cold water.

  • dang /: and i just ordered a bubbler.

  • you talk way to much man

  • Theres types of percs that need warm water or the rip or dab just recondenses on the perc and jams it up like the fritted perc do your homework

  • ecigs arent water vapor