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“HVY Natural Mini Bubbler” – (Glass Review)


HVY Natural Mini Bubbler – (
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  • Have an HVY 14 mm male fixed down stem piece as my daily driver currently. Pretty decent, and I agree about the natural perc being unique. My tube is kind of bored in a slight spiral so it spins as smoke stacks. Getting a Mobius Ion II w/Matrix perc in a few days though, so psyched.

  • Hey josh I was wondering where I could get a nail at online to fit this rig?

  • i feel like everytime i watch josh smoke im being taken to church use better music bro

  • Dude gets his information from google. I remember he said a bic lighter burned hotter than jet fuel. Lmao

  • Im too high… Gonna call the cops to let them know I'm ok

  • any one else fuckin baked?

  • ?this is the first time I've been high with josh ,i usually have none or I don't have time …~cheers ~

  • @StrainCentral I've got the highly educated dualiti and it took me awhile to get used to it. But after its good and seasoned it is an awesome nail.

  • Oil before flower and the taste won't go sour!

    i dunno if that works haha

  • Love your channel man, I'm so glad to have found you dude. You not only just talk about smoking and glass reviews and stuff like that, which do love a lot, but you're also such a positive person as well!!
    Keep up the fantastic work man :D

  • R3DBAND??

  • how do you clean your pieces? specifically your small hard to reach glass

  • Where exactly did you find the background music you always use?

  • That piece is hella dope bro!! Cheers Fam!!

  • hellllla props on the R3DBAND shirt josh,would love to see a collab between you and dan!

  • Shout out to Redband! haha, Cheers Josh! Smokin' on some Kosher!! Super baked hahaha!

  • Nice t-shirt josh R3DBAND

  • I always love watching your videos right before work/ on my way. Your great attitude, and happy demeanor always cheer me up and I seriously try to spread those positive vibes with my coworkers. Thanks for all the hard work! Peace


  • hvy is my favorite glass company, hands down