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Hustle Gang Vaporizer – (Product Review)


So today, I got my hands on one of these White Rhino “Hustle Gang” wax/herb vaporizers! This is hands down on of the stealthiest vapes i’ve used in quite a while, but the unit itself isn’t the most functional.

Overall I give it a somewhat solid [5/7]

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  • anyone else use like ecig vapes and wondered about weed ones

  • Thanks for reminding me to keep my head up. I've been going through bad depression and the only way to get my mind off of everything is to watch your videos. You have helped a lot Josh, Thank you.

  • medical patient out of rainier oregon. osteonecrosis and arthritis. 18 years old.
    i was wondering if you could do a video on the difference between a high from vaporizing medicine and burning medicine. I like the way you explain things. cheers!

  • You should show yourself packing each shits cuz it entertaining

  • In the words of who lol

  • rappers need to stop fuckin making vape pens

  • The 10cig costs 9.95$, this costs 74.99$.

  • Dude, hey ur a cool guy, nice channel!
    I'm new here and actually I will not stay that long (Im just a wannabe vapor =D), BUT
    have u ever heard of the "Vaponic vaporizer" ?
    Its an european made glass vaporizer, non electric.
    There is an officially video here on YT.
    40 dollars, but took me a week to "learn" it

    If not interested, ignore it.

    Have a nice day, to you, to everyone here !

  • josh, i can honestly say that you saying "make sure to stay positive" made my day man, you're such a great guy. keep up the amazing work.

  • Out of all the cannabis youtubers, you're by far my favorite josh. Been watching you since you first appeared on Jolie's channel. Your positive messages everyday really lift my mood and help me get through the day. Really love the videos man. Keep it up!

  • So it's just a rebranded g micro? With different, clear mouthpieces? They definitely are a "hustle gang". Keep up the vids tho, really enjoy your other review/product tests. Bless up

  • where can i get the hustle gang pen?

  • These things are completely shit….

  • josh has so many good vibes

  • All of those are the same shells and batterys, the only thing ppl do is add print onto them. I got the greenco micro g pen. What a rip off look up the chineese version of em. Sameee exact ones.

  • JOSH, that's the same exact model pen that I had a few years ago as the Cloud model came out from KandyPens, and I had the WORST time getting the atomizers off, and ended up having to gently but firmly rock the tip back and forth or bend it back just enough so it pops off. KP told me this method. I also found it to be useless for herbs, and at the time their atomizers for CBD liquid were leaking all over the place, and I ended up having to return it. Wish SO BAD I had a Cloud brand pen right now, they are great for heavy wax hits, and after spending $120 on the Source Orb 3 Signature Kit, which each of the 8 coils died or broke after 0-2 uses, I am extremely disappointed, and left with no way to medicate on the go! Wish I could get someone to send me a pen to review, it would literally save my life!

  • Don't burn the coil with out dabs and it will taste much better bro

  • Review the snoop dog g pen

  • t.i went to marijuana now.?….get it homie.

  • We want to see a Cloud Evo review :')