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So I stopped through Clear Choice cannabis & Mary Mart a couple days ago and picked up all kinds of different goodies. I thought i’d be fun to do one of these “haul” videos you always see on Youtube, but do it stoner style! 😛

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  • I literally can't comprehend how high he was at the end of the video hahahaa

  • I love your personality

  • U should smoke joints more

  • That dab hit him HARD

  • you know legal states sre spoilt when a low tester is 17%. Here in Colombia, weed smells like weed and we get around 5-10%

  • "I just snorted weed lol" this had me dying! love you brruh

  • copied customgrow420. smh.

  • Josh, I want to fuck your vagina

  • 3:383:42 when you are already baked out of your mind.

  • i can respect that beard

  • luv the vids

  • +straincentral if you don't mind me asking how much did all of the Cost? Like that whole haul for this video

  • Anyone else think the paper bag was gonna catch on fire?

  • that is a dope ass bong i think i have seen it on your channel who makes it what is it called.

  • I wonder if he fell off his seat and went to sleep on the floor after the video

  • I got cotton mouth by just watching this

  • Josh your one of my favourite weedtuber because your funny you add little jokes and memes into your vids but also because you add personal experiences with different strains and facts about different strains. And since I'm 14 and live in Canada where cannabis is not yet legal and I'm younger than I probably should be for smoking but I feel like it helps me wayyy more than all the other medicine I'm on for chronic pain depression and anxiety but the life accosiated with smoking a little weed is really bad considering it's still illegal your so so lucky you live in such a great state. Anyway keep up the great work man

  • lmao @ dream beaver

  • Lol

  • man you got tore up from the floor up….hell yeah