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Thought i’d give you guys a quick tour of the glass case while all the pieces were still somewhat clean from the gauntlet! 😛

That .4 out of the Cheech beaker also straight demolished me!! Haha

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  • What is that beautiful spoon white spoon pipe with the clear end? I've been looking for it, but I can't find it.

  • it's like glass shatters and all the bongs fall

  • Looks like you need a bowl display. I have recently made a product that holds three different sizes. 18mm, 14mm, 12mm. Holds 15 bowls.

  • MAY SOMEONE PLEASE LINK ME! Im trying to find the pineapple spoon pipe he has, it looks amazing I want it for my collection. Thank you in advance.

  • "i want to get a pretty decent sleep, what better way than a giant glob?"


  • he looked high af as soon as he took that rip???

  • loll i only have 3 pipe and 1 bong he's 16"tall

  • Haha ya Josh, I favor glass, especially with water, for the flower. Nice collection! Do u have any favorite compact travel bubblers? Cheers & keep rollin stoned! ={)~*

  • 😉 this video you get the full display of Josh! "Lol" nice glass stay righteous!^~*

  • Nice!!

  • you should sell some that you don't use :D

  • Sick Flatbush Zombies drawing!

  • And im sitting here with one shitty 20$ piece :(

  • 84 peices of glass

  • Anyone els notice that the double bowl under the spoon pipe was still packed… Lol 0.50

  • josh are you a flatbush zombies fan?

  • I hear a giveaway???

  • So what happens when an earthquake happens?…..

  • 10