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How To Use The Word “Dab” Correctly!!


Please link this video to people who use the word “dab” incorrectly. It will teach them something new & help stop the mis-use of the word so heavily throughout the community!! 😛

The word “dab” is a verb or a verbal noun.
It’s very rarely used in the form “dab” – it’s almost always:
– To Dab
– Dabbing
– Dabbed
– Dabs

When it’s used incorrectly, it’s almost always used as a noun:
Ex: “Hey, would you like some dab?”

It should be used like the word “sing”.
You do not sing “sing”, you sing “notes” or “songs”
In the same sense,
You do not dab “dab”, you dab “bho” or “concentrates”

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  • I'm dabbing some sap as we speak

  • You can't sing sings, but you can piss piss.

  • This video is dabbing awesome.

  • Dab (verb)- The act of vaporizing concentrated THC or CBDs.

  • What about the dance ?

  • this hurt my brain. i think I'm too high cx

  • Has an appropriate answer been given yet? The way I would see that sentence, when you're talking about the word dab itself, it means just a little bit of something. So when you say "Wanna take a dab?", the bho is only being alluded to. When you say " a dab" there, what you're really saying is " a dab of concentrate/bho", meaning a little bit of bho, but somewhere along the way the it was misinterpreted as the name of that type of concentrate, I guess.

  • dab it!

  • "Let's go take a dab." is not correct if dab is a verb. You would say, "Let's go dab."
    It really is a verb. 🙂
    +CopiedOriginality Walk is used as a noun in that case. "A walk" is a thing. Dabbing is an action.

  • So much Dab

  • But you can say "I'm gonna have a dab" right?

  • @SilencedHippie your question has been answered. About a month ago.. Lol

  • so what if i were to say lets hit some dabs it sounds right but im not sure

  • I say " i got some dabs" idgaf haha 

  • Who gives a shit.

  • Josh thank you for doing this people drive me crazy 

  • I believe saying "lets take a dab or do a dab"  kind of like saying lets smoke a bowl. Although you smoke cannabis from the bowl you can still say smoke a bowl

  • hahaha, thanks for making this video

    Dab is a verb. To dab…not a noun.

  • You just need to know how to use the word dab in a sentence