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How To Use A Vapor Globe / Nail Set for Ear Wax And Oil

Gil and WilliamBreathes demonstrate how to use an oil globe, or vapor globe. This type of stuff is not for amateurs!


  • ha. titanium nails are like $10 now.

  • shitty rap

  • you can put it on top of a bowl of weed yes and smoke it like weed, the wax will melt into the weed and burn. dont just put wax in a bowl on its own though

  • i here ya exsactlycould of spent that money on btter weed

  • Can you put wax in like a pipe, and light it like you would tree?

  • right, pack a bowl, or roll a damn doobie… I aint trying to get hella stoned and burning my self lol

  • ok that's what i thought. I've had great bho before, but i also had some with remnants of butane in it and that was the shittiest high and just kinda ruined bho for me. I just use solvent-free oil now.

  • I think its moisture. N ive seen bho dabs flame up during the dab cuz of butane or u will cough alot

  • seems like a hole lot of trouble just to burn

  • lol, dude instantly looks high as fuck right after taking the big dab hit at the end. Nice!

  • who was that masked man with the chronic earwax?!

  • Is that butane or excess moisture in the oil? how do you tell the difference?

  • yooo what the hell the guy is wear a hat for my high school

  • Nice hat

  • i'm gettn tired of all these ppl callin nails, vapors… or pens vapor pens… they ai'nt vaporizing … it's burning at a low temp… that ain't vapin. indirect heat is vapin… the vape pens coils get red hot… at least with a nail u can see how hot it is visually so yea. u can kinda vape with a nail in theory , my bad

  • U are going to destroy that nail in no time!

  • cesspool!!!!

  • thats toke daddy slim hahaha

  • Grasscity Com

  • Oh god that glass nail is awful!