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How To Use A Skillet to Smoke Earwax Marijuana

Gil and WilliamBreathes get together to smoke some awesome wax from The Clinic in Denver Colorado and also demonstrate how to properly use a skillet.


  • "kids with guns"

  • Is it real earwax I ain't really hip lmao I hear everybody talk about

    Why the mask? coward.

  • Can you burn wax like you do tree?

  • earwax marijuana lol

  • Damn they have a dirty product

  • Anyone DUMB enough to waste their fucking money on anything OTHER THAN WEED to smoke,……..You are a fucking Bitch Pussy dumb fuck.

  • nice first time seeing one and in action too.just gato hold of some wax and trying to figer out the cleanist waye. ty you muchly

  • My friend thought i was trying to get him to smoke meth on some shit. I had to show him how I made it to settle him down. I wish I had a nice piece like this, I use a pipe to burn oil.

  • I want to see a fireworks!!! ROLL THIS OIL!!! Peace !

  • 3*

  • kids with guns 3

  • Where can I buy one?

  • Yeah screw the federal gov. However say sum1 is trying to watch this video while they have kids running around being turds and all they hear "WHAT THE FUCK!" Out of nowhere… yeah bleep fuck

  • i love how its a show about an illegal drug (Federally) yet they bleep "fuck"

    (not a hater just thought it was funny :P)

  • What a waste of money. Just use a magnifying glass and sunlight.

  • so ti nail v skillet fo my rig?

  • Ohhhhh kids with guns in the back round nice

  • Went to the shop to pick up a dome but they were out so he gave me a nice deal on skillet never used skillet but is there a difference like any benefits or dowmfall to the skillet over a oil dome? But yea picked up from the club to bout to blast offffff

  • Noob question: can you smoke hash/bud easily with skillets, or is best for just wax?