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How To Use a Joint Roller!!


Had a comment asking if I could do a video on how to use a joint roller, so I thought i’d throw a quick video up on how to use it correctly! I know not all can roll (some due to medical issues), so a joint roller is quite a viable option!!

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  • i prefer to roll by hand but its ok^^

  • u ground that up way to much

  • this is what happens when you give amish kids drugs

  • this might be a dumb question but why do u wipe the ash off your joints so frequently

  • Fuck using hands I'm lazy I want one

  • i have that grinder.

  • Thanks for the help haha

  • I hand grind joints cuz that's all I can do lol

  • I hand break and hand roll all my joints

  • I rolled my first "cigarette" with a joint roller thanks to this video! hahaha

  • i always break my good herb up by hand. it makes it burn slower and to me, it feels like i get higher.

  • i got the same roller and the middle part never stays down how to fix it ?

  • I live in Washington State where recreational cannabis is legal. The recreational 'pot shops' somehow regulates their cannabis. I have medical papers (they don't give cards anymore) and the cannabis at the medical dispensaries is so much stronger. I've never smoked cigarettes, just cannabis. Thank you for making this video. I had no idea how to roll. The medical dispensary where I go have pre-rolled joints but I'm sure the charge too much because they are pre-rolled.

  • I definitely hand grind my joints
    idk if it's better, it's just faster

  • got it perfectly thanksssssss

  • Hey? Thank you for this video Im also on Med weed   m finding it hard to enjoy from just a vapour aso I found you here 🙂 because I just went and bought one of these things to learn   I love my bong but stopped it because I thought it was unsafe…well lol I was Wrong 🙂 BTW I still havnt watched this whole video but I will :)Thanks Again my friend :)

  • +Zane dietlin that's funny af and true

  • tthkyouuuu!! :9

  • I have a crush on u

  • what are the clear papers called on the video "smoking a clear joint "??