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I get asked how to either start a Weedtube channel or to get involved in the industry all the time, so I thought i’d make a full rambly session on the topic! Also covered how I ended up doing this crazy job for a living! 😛

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  • As an inspiring Weedtuber, your positivity really inspires me 🙂 Keep it up and stay lifted!

  • Your soul is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • u liked my comment years ago when u were smaller when u mentioned ur a line cook I said so am i, I was 16, now I'm 18 and I just got my first "weed" job at a bong shop

  • man ! I remember when you were just in the room on the bed with your braces doing strain reviews! this channel took off! still watch every video ! keep it up bro!

  • His shirt?❤️??FUCK ME UP!!?

  • Josh is the most inspirational weed youtuber man, thanks for the positive talks man, a person who enjoys smoking weed for a living and stays this humble is worth subscribing to !

  • with success comes haters. 34 dislikes? must be huge fans lol

  • I'm in pittsburgh pa I enjoy smokeing g glue and watching you I enjoy glass

  • I just ordered a hvy glass inline rig. its gonna be awesome

  • as a baby weedtube channel i know what you mean!! i make my videos just for the simple fact that i like it! i just like sending positive vibes. i actually accidentally stole your outro so i changed it lmao. but i love this channel so much. its like a dream to be this big but hey im perfectly happy with my small community! as long as i make one person smile i say its a good day!!!

  • If this channel is half ours where's the money?

  • I need that shirt josh! where'd you buy it?

  • youre such a genuine guy. watching your videos about a year ago around the same time you started coming up, and wishing I could smoke weed for a living! Now returning to your channel after a bit, I see how much its grown. You inspired me to chase my dreams of growing. Thank you.

  • Yo mate make a homemade vape out of a lightbulb and do a review on it.. us metal parts tho like metal cap and metal stem instead of plastic

  • i watched this video while smoking weed

  • I breed weed hence I smoke for a living

  • Jesus Christ! You're 21!! I would of never guessed you were my age lol you look way older hahaha

  • im high as fuck and just took a fat ass rip that almost made me puke but gr8 vid bro

  • I like how you said the channel is for "providing a smoking buddy" cuz honestly thats exactly what i look at it as

  • do more of these