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How to Smoke Out of a Pipe

Share this with someone new to the cannabis game! For everyone new to the cannabis community, we’re starting with the basics. Watch and learn how to smoke one of our favorite ways. You’ll need a pipe, a lighter, and some weed. Comment below with any questions and to share your tips, tricks, and etiquette when it comes to packing and smoking a bowl.


  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you lost a sub, This just damages weed culture

  • Here's a better video idea…How to torch different kinds of nails properly. How much should you heat, wait etc before dabbing. How about proper carb cap use or using an enail in your setup.

  • haha these comments. consider there are actually tons of people out there who have zero idea where to even begin when smoking weed out of anything that's not a joint. that's who this video is for.

  • Start putting out more professional content

  • I tried this, but the pipe's connection to the drain wasn't secure and now there's water going everywhere under the sink. Halp!

  • someone forward this video to Doug Benson who still has no idea how to use a carb

  • No hemp wick 😦

  • The description is pretty silly too

  • I put the bowl in my mouth😂

  • you forgot to put the hash on top also if you don't have a carb it's easier to drive while you smoke.

  • Thank you. I coudn`t figure it out myself.

  • sorry weed maps but this is an L if you don't know how to use a pipe you don't need to be smoking

  • if you don't know how to smoke out of a pipe then you probably shouldn't be smoking at all.

  • i cant believe this is necessary

  • Booooooooooo

  • I've been doing it wrong this whole time…

  • why would people need to know this.

  • This is everything that's wrong with everything

  • Thats wrong. I have been smoking pot for 9 months now and I know for a fact you're supposed to use a grinder, other wise you waste a lot of weed. And secondly, 1995 called, they want their pipe back.