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How To Roll A Blunt Emkel teaches Gil how to roll a blunt!


  • >not using a swisher. come on guys.

  • you're right haha

  • he never said he was the best its a how to lol man change up youre ego

  • i can roll a better blunt then that haha

  • that's exactly what I said in my head lmao

  • how can i get a job like this l0l

  • Not with a blunt that ugly

  • yeah haha

  • I like to roll my blunt realy tight … 🙂

  • blunt wraps are no good, theyre too wet unless u heat it so it dries up a little

  • bad blunt lol

  • Lol. A cone !

  • A cone blunt? Tf that nigga can't roll for shit

  • @Brendan Murphy because rolling is fun, and if you do it right you don't waste anything

  • @brendan Murphy

  • those kind of blunts are harsh as fuck

  • No disrespect at all great video, but not gonna lie should probably work on the roll lol, ever for a cone it had a pretty bad conoe goin on there, i find it best to tuck and twist.

  • Ahh slightly stoopid 🙂

  • * I can

  • Why roll and waste weed when Ivan easily put it in a bowl!!!