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How To Roll A Blunt featuring Afroman

Weedmaps TV presents How To Roll A Blunt featuring Afroman

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  • no kind of roach? the fuuuck?

  • I would sit down with Afroman and smoke, feel good

  • Instantly liked when the video started, this guy is too cool haha

  • All good except that the crap tobacco is in cigarillos a high{no pun intended} quality torpedo true cigar such as Ghurka , H.UPMANN , or if you like some flavoring Acid[ No not that ACID] is a treat in itself.

  • That was the chillest backgorund music evea!

  • afromans a wasteman still

  • burn it man

  • afroman a g

  • His gonna knock some bitches out after that blunt haha

  • This bitch ass nigga needs to do a video called how to throw a temper tantrum and knock a bitch out??

  • I forgot to roll one up, because I got high…

  • Das one baked individual, truth be told

  • Moonrocks 

  • how to knock the shit out of a girl on stage

  • English please

  • lol

  • hahahah

  • Im sorry but using a tobacco leaf for a skin is stupid!
     Rips all the way baby taste is king!

  • Whats that backround song called I like it