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18+older. Thanks for watching. The better the quality hash, the better press and dab! Try it and let me know in the comments! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!


  • from the uk ….we love u!!!that is all.

    also add LEGALISE PLEASE

  • So you can do you exactly the same with Keith and then take it up yeah

  • tried this for the first time today with some quality cherry pie hash. the flavor bro. the flavor. so tasty. so much different than bho. good stuff. appreciate the education. learned a hell of a lot from you man.

  • Can you press kief into terp oil with a hair straightener?

  • I'm so intrigued by weed and "dabbing" but I have never smoked neither

  • how to know if hash pure and good quality without smoke it?!!

  • I love the close up of that shit burning!

  • Does this work with all hash or only keif hash

  • Kl ??

  • You don't aner joley nice eneeyway uk hash no that good make it first in to kith and I will try it

  • can you make hash

  • can you make hash

  • lol.. funny guy and a nice pro work of dubin'.. keep it real dudes! :)

  • What a fucking tard 

  • does it have to be bubble hash? And do you have to use a specific type of rig or nail?

  • that is really fucking good quality hash.

  • boom shakalaka♡

  • what kinda paper you use can i use any old paper?

  • dude this shit worked perfect gave use to extra hash i had laying around getting my subscription….smoke everyday like its 420

  • it worked dude!!!!! thanks!