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How-To – Make Rosin From Nugs with Black Label Paper Co. Parchment Paper

There are various methods Rosin can be created, Brandon from Black Label Paper Co. demonstrates one of the ways you can press your own Rosin. Equipped with a Hard Press and premium paper from Black Label Paper Company, the journey of creating Rosin is ready to begin!

Materials Used:

1 Hard Press
2 Black Label Paper Co. 7X10 35 LB thickness
1 Filter
2 Cold plates

1.) Ensure the heat is set between 175-220 degrees depending on whether flower or dry-sift is used. In this case, Brandon is using flower so he recommends setting it between 200-220 degrees.

2.) You will need parchment paper. In this case, Black Label Paper 7×10 35 LB thickness is used for it’s release characteristics, heat resistance, grease resistance, and wet strength mesh.

3.) Insert your bud into a filter and place it in the center of the press on top of the parchment paper.

4.) Place the second piece of Black Label Paper on top of the bud in the filtered bag topping this Rosin-making sandwich and activate the press.

*Brandon likes using the Hard Press for it’s plug-and-play mechanics. So an air compressor, oil or anything else is not needed.

5.) Wait 30 seconds for the flower to be pressed.

6.) Disengage the press and pull out the freshly pressed Rosin and sandwich it between two cold plates and you’re done!


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  • Fresh batch of Rosin.

  • how to waste your flower 101 –

    want to simulate this ''innovative'' machine ? buy a flat iron for 10$ and some cheese cloth

  • I make better rosin than that with a hair straightener. Come on bro so many flaws on the machine and with your style. Cool it down? Frickin open that paper up and pop that packet out before it sticks to all your medicine. SHEESH. Cheers from Humboldt County, California

  • LOL @ how thick it still was after pressing. That press is an overpriced waste of money and good bud. Not nearly enough pressure to extract it all.

  • Leafly shows a better way to make this.

  • Check my rosin vid out if you don't have the cash for presses. cheers

  • Wtf all the resin is stuck on the filter!

  • Im a little disappointed…

  • Weak yield

  • Should be: This is what happens when you press your weed.

  • That yield was horrible

  • These companies just find anything and put their name on it. Just like the parchment paper like seriously do you need your own fucking brand of paper? Every other paper works just fine they just want your money.

  • looks like most of it is in the filter

  • messy af

  • would have liked to see more pressing done with this tool than just 1

  • am i the only one who wanted to see him collect the rosin after he pressed it. Hell smoke it as well.

  • I'll stick to my 50 dollar set up giving me .4 or 5 off a gram fire flowers lol

  • whether you run fuel through them or squish them, dabbers are hell bent on ruining good flowers.

  • hardpress is shit breaks down super fast and shitty customer service fuck gold ash

  • so that paper might be better, never tried it. That press though is insanely expensive for what you're trying to accomplish. This guy makes pretty solid products for a really good price, I'd look here instead for a press.