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So I thought today i’d show you guys how to make edibles the easiest way that i’ve found! 😛

All you need is the easy butter maker, butter, water, olive oil, and herb!!!

I’m not someone who really enjoys edibles, because they usually have little to no effect on me.. When you make your own, it’s a different story! 🙂

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  • actually,

  • a 6.7 out of 7. love it. the good old one to seven scale

  • Wait how did you use two sticks of butter and only end up with half a cup of cannabutter? Two sticks of butter is 1 cup.

  • Josh my dude you should make a batch of extract using the Rick Simpson method it's like a lot safer than the way people get the fuck blown out of them

  • 9:00 i was gonna say, "u been hangin with snoop?"… but yeah 100mg me too hardly feel usually.

  • It's basically a coffee maker

  • what are the requirements for herb to be made into butter

  • people torch so weirdly.

  • that shoulda been like 1000mg…edibles should be part of your daily intake for health. edibles and dabs all day. fresh n clean! #cannahealth you guys so spoiled in legal states boy

  • people need to start these videos with a list of shit u need before u get half way thru n realize ur screwed lol

  • you got a like n sub just for using a trailer park boy quote within like a minute.

  • lmfao "medication" nice

  • I have had edibles before and want get into them but can you just straight up eat the cannabutter?

  • I have had edibles before and want get into them but can you just straight up eat the cannabutter??

  • I have had edibles before but never made them and want to get into it but one questions can you just straight up eat the cannabutter??

  • Say actually again.

  • OMG it's red in real life lol

  • can anybody tell me what he means by de-carbed? and why did he use abv as opposed to fresh Bud??

  • Yyyyyooooooo I live in black diamond man

  • Dude, your beard is epicly awesome! I want one!