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18+older. Take the biggest hit you possibly can! Try a combo!! Breathe all the air out of your lungs and go hard!! TRY IT!!


  • He gonna die ??????´╗┐

  • awesome man! that's so really high, good stuff, like it ­čśÇ #happy fourtwenty (y)´╗┐

  • I love your videos man´╗┐

  • Ur sweating´╗┐

  • Thats intense man! We have to try this now! Thanks!!!!´╗┐

  • whats blue in his bong water … some sort of cleaner or resin blocker type deal?´╗┐

  • whats the blue stuff in the bongs´╗┐

  • Young Ron Jeremy´╗┐

  • So I tried my first joint. Friends were surprised at how much I could inhale and hold and didn't believe it was my first try. They took 2-3 hits and were messed UP. I however finished that joint and then one on my own and NOTHING HAPPENED. Is this normal? I had an edible once that fucked me up and was not a fun experience. I'm looking for pain relief, not necessarily just to get high. Should I try another method?´╗┐

  • Whats the blue liquid inside the bongs?´╗┐

  • That's torturing yourself. What's the point. People always wanna compete about taking the biggest hits or getting the most high. Why the fuck does it matter lol, the point is to enjoy yourself not make yourself feel like you wanna throw up in the process. But nevertheless you have balls. I would not have had that lung power lmao´╗┐

  • you should post a video of you and your wife/girlfriend smoking´╗┐

  • what temp are you usually running your dabs at?´╗┐

  • Whattup Blood.´╗┐

  • that lung capacity tho!´╗┐

  • no homo jolie but I love you. you're a big help with everything. I smoke alot of weed everyday but I'm the type to take 20 hits by a car rather than 4 by a train so I'm going to change thanks to you because I notice I don't get too high . :)´╗┐

  • 5 cars or 1 train? if im tryna live, cars´╗┐

  • What's with the blue water?´╗┐

  • So.. I realized there are weed channels on youtube. Okay, enough internet for today.´╗┐

  • What are you a fuckin crip or a smurf?´╗┐