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How To Clone & Defoliate Marijuana

http:www/ Gil sits down with Chris from Green Cuisine and learns how to defoliate his plants as well as how to clone them for the next vegetative cycle.


  • Just so you guys know, this will save a furtune on pointless products. Pure honey from the grocery store and rockwell cubes work amazingly for cloning and making thick healthy roots. Try it yourself. Remember not to overwater your clones, just sprits the leaves with tap water if its drinkable, It kills bacteria 🙂

  • Great video gentlemen!
    By the way, fuck these haters. My best friend used to say "theres more than one way to skin a cat. Theres more than one way to perform oral sex and theres more than one way to grow weed".
    Be cool and keep it green – Trish

  • Wow. That sounded like a commercial in my head


  • thanx boys!

  • Nice video bro. Michiganders proud of you.

  • Nothing to do with smoking pot….
    They just don't know enough about the subject to be teaching others.

  • I know! I don't think I trust a guy who smoking pot while he's trying to teach. I'll just ask my Botany teacher…I live in CO so he should be cool with it.

  • I swear, you can NEVER get a straight answer…ever. But basically, can't you just defoliate fan leaves that are damaged and leave the ones that are good? my plant is totally healthy and I just switched to flowering stage about a week ago. I removed just four fan leaves (the big huge guys) and this led to better light distribution. Honestly, I agree that you should only defoliate fan leaves that are damaged (because they'll usually die anyway and the removal diverts energy to other parts.

  • plants that are stressed adapat and become stonger and produce better yields . defoiliation is known to produce bigger yields is some species of plants

  • i know people who have havested 10 – 12 oz per plant with defoiliation. these plants need a proper veg 4-6 weeks and are defoilied twice in veg and twice in flower . people who say this is bulshit have never done it before. i can link to grow journals , pics infront you .it does stunt growth in veg but prepares the plnat to handle it in flower so she can divert all energy to bud production.

  • so much bullshit in this video it's astonishing

  • Try a 100% indica strain, that should help more with pain and sleep rather than messing with your head and emotions.

  • i always leave fan leaves next to very small nodes until they shoot and are able to draw enough energy for them selves, i agree the fan leaves are like a energy bank for the new grow to live off of

  • yea and after watching this I think I will try to gain ten pounds by fasting for a week.


  • Yeah actually for outdoor they would… where do you get ur info.? 2 weeks is all it takes to get the minerals out of the shell. Think about it dude.. u put a cracked egg in a bowl.. how long does it take to go bad. Do you own a Tumbler? 3 -4 weeks and you can use it as mulch. Go please do some research before bothering me.

  • eat a piece of brand with melted cannabutter before bed see what happends

  • This video helped us a lot !! thank you!

  • first time grower here. i have a question, does the plant really need that solution/liquid to grow roots? or they can grow naturally (without the solution/liquid)? thanks for those who will reply!

  • Eggshells is a source of calcium. U might as well just buy the nutes. Bannana peels provide potash. Fish heads have magnesium, protein, and a couple others. I have bay oysters that I crushed myself, meat and everything mixed into a soil mixture of one bag happy frog to two bags fox farm ocean forest.