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Just making a quick video on the easiest way to clean your glass!!
Before I send out the pass it to the right rig, I thought i’d show everyone how to clean it!! 😛


  • For bigger bongs put a magnet into a sponge, then put that down into the bong and move it around using a magnet on the outside of the bong. It works wonders.

  • Where did you get that piece?

  • i guess just make sure you don't have any fresh cuts on your hands when doing this lol

  • this is old school.

  • You can stop worrying about isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Many have drank it (alcoholics) and if they sober up live longish lives. Mothers and nurses have been using rubbing alcohol to cool feverish babies and patients for a hundred years. Breathing the molecules of it from the very slight residue can't harm you at all.

  • great job!

  • Oh my GOD!!! You my kind sir are a life saver!!!

  • Can we use any type of salt? Like table salt or Himalayan

  • isopropyl and hot water just grab your pipe hold it under isopropyl/hot water and shake for 2 mins then do it again with just hot water maybe 2-3 more times. the hot water makes the isopropyl evaporate extremely fast.

  • Leaving the water on for that long is a big no no in California haha

  • hey Josh where did you get that oil/dab rig. What brand is it. Can you do a review over it

  • alcohol evaporates. Just wait til it dries.

  • I have trouble getting the alcohol smell out even after using the q tips.

  • Hey Josh, just wanted to let you know that long-term exposure to high grade Isopropyl Alchohol can be pretty harmful, so I recommend that you use gloves when cleaning with it 🙂 Keep doing your thing, loving the videos!

  • wow thanks that was way helpfull

  • aww their were 420 likes on this video well too bad now their's 421, sowwy :'(

    U can guest who's the 421 guy who liked it.

  • Try using lighter fluid… 🙂  By itself. Works a million times better!

  • such a great youtuber

  • Love your channel dude, but please don't leave your water running when you're not using it! Peace and love to the Earth and you!

  • What oil rig is that?