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How THC Is Made Take a closer look at how Delta-9 THC is synthesized in the cannabis plant. Also, find out the medical benefits this cannabinoid has to offer!


  • Cannibis is basically weed/marijuana

  • my mother is killing herself by listening to the scumbag doctor and she has been taking enbrel for simple arthritis. now im afraid i have to watch her liver rot and eventually fail while she pops fucking tylenols and i probably couldnt even mention cannabis as a more sensible treatment to her without getting exiled from my strict weird white as fuck family. the stigma and the piss tests have to vanish soon or too many people will needlessly pass away because they deny themselves the right to use a plant to save their lives.

  • I watched this on mute and loved it. 

  • And it's still fucking illegal…..

    I fucking hate the US and every brainwashed gullible sheep who thinks that weed is bad

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  • Great work!!!

  • im way to high to understand all this scientific mumbo jumbo

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  • A boiling glycerol extraction would cleave off the carboxylate from the inactive THC, which activates a lot of previously-dormant potency. The final product gets people high with single pipet drops under the tongue.

  • Do you think it cures sexual dysfunction?

  • Most weed these days has been bread to have low CBD, which off sets the psycho active effect of the THC. You just need a higher CBD strain.

  • This is what I wanted to know. A couple of years ago I was experimenting with growing a plant for medicine, so I just picked the buds when they were young and swallowed them in a capsule. I thought I was getting THC, then I learned more and thought I was getting THCa. But now I realize I was consuming CBGa.



  • I live in Colorado. I plan to grow some once I can get some seeds. I think the current legal limit right now is 6 plants.

  • As a Child i was very often Ill,but since i started smoking Weed with 13/14 Years i never ever had to visit a Doctor again´;) Dont get me wrong i smoke to get High but i also must have some very positife Effects on Humans.But i also has a downside every Stoner should admit,its the Point that you realy get indifferent and dont care about much 😉 Like on This T-Shirts where is written "Smoking Weed makes indifferent -I dont care " 😉
    I hope "indifferent" is the correct word,had to use Translator

  • what a beautiful drug in addition to all the shit it does medically it also makes you horny as fuck