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How SC Labs Test MMJ Take a closer look at the standardized tests executed by SC Labs to better understand how they bring clean and safe cannabis to the industry.



  • THCa, THC don't mean shit.

    THCa gives you that total fucked up high feeling that we all measure against, but

    CBD and CBN is where it's at.

    Having a CBD content, means that the herb will cure and alleviate certain pains and medical discomforts.

    CBN on the other hand, is what most Indica tokers are looking for, they just don't know it.

    A lot of weed sellers, even dispensaries will boast about their THC content. BUT, without the slightest CBN content, your herb's THCa and CBD can get as high as you want, you won't get that fucked up stoned feeling.

    That fucked up stoned/semi paranoia feeling you get, is actually from CBN, NOT THCa or CBD.

    CBN is the key chemical content that puts you to sleep. If you have insomnia, herbs with CBN content helps you the most.

    So while THC, THCa, CBD can have very high numbers, it doesn't mean you get that real fucked up high.

    But on the other hand, when you have high THC, THCa, CBD and CBN, oh my.. you got yourself a fucking monster there… good luck, don't drive after use lol.. 

  • 6:57 "Assay not requested" for screening pesticides and fungicides. In other words they basically have pesticide sprayed cannabis they are testing and don't want you to know about it, either make it mandatory for pesticides to be tested or don't test at all.

  • why does SC labs always test higher than other places with the same sample?

  • why does SC labs always test higher than other places with the same sample?

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  • In an age where businesses are running from america due to taxes, theres a huge industry thats begging to be taxed and regulated. Some dispensaries have already taking it upon them selfs to test all of their medicine to ensure the safety of their patients, and the government says, "No, it's not medicine it's drugs". WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?????

  • SoCal weed is great.Never been stoned like this,pity I have to go home.

  • i keep on thinking all those beakers they have in the lab are bongs

  • @CalCanna GC cannot test for acidic cannabinoids, the major constituents in raw cannabis, all of which have differing and important medicinal effects.. GC can only test for about half. As we mentioned, GC does the job, but at SC Labs, we believe that the more data we can give to patients and the greater Cannabis Movement, the better.. We have a GC/MS as well, which can measure the non-acidic cannabinoids just fine, but since HPLC can, we use it because it is just better for the job..

  • @alecd83 Thanks. I liked it too.