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How Often Should You Change Bong Water??



So today I thought i’d do a rambly topic video about how often you should change your bong water! Also talk about why you shouldn’t be using dirty bong water for you own health.

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  • That's a cool-ass shirt lol

  • His bread….. I don't trust it

  • Satan is offended. He says his breath smells like cinnamon and sunshine

  • Is this the son of the caveman from the geico commercials?

  • I've smoked from a bong that resembled a bong that had been sitting in a murky swamp that was mainly made up of algae

  • i only smoke before i go to bed so i usually only need to change my bong water once a week and only clean it once every 2-3 weeks. great video though

  • +StrainCantral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)what's the bong your using in this video? thanks man

  • +Strain Central (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) what's the bong your hitting out of bro

  • +Strain Central (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)

  • I use new bong water like every day if I use it everyday like I'll smoke three lol seabed through out the day with it then I'll dump it out at night out it away and put new water in it

  • +straincentral, really enjoy your videos man! watch all-out videos, what's the bubbler your smoking out of with the white on the mouth piece in this video? thanks bro

  • +straincentral, really enjoy your videos man! watch all-out videos, what's the bubbler your smoking out of with the white on the mouth piece in this video? thanks bro

  • I love your shirt. lol

  • Bro after 1 sesh the water already smells disgusting. How can people let it turn brown???

  • meh. every 2 to 3 days. double chambered bongs are a pain in the ass to fill and get just right. on a side note I've noticed this white powdery residue building up in my perc tree and also around the mouth piece. this happens just after one or two rips. actually had the perc clog on me with this white crap. I don't let my bong go longer than a week without cleaning and can't imagine this being mold after hitting it just a couple times. doesn't appear like usual reclaim either. I get all my bho from WA rec stores so the oil should be quality according to WA laws. any ideas to what this substance is? maybe plant waxes.

  • MY PIECE IS CLEAN AS CAN BE !! Thank you ?

  • I usually dump the water out after each use. But maybe that's just me

  • Thanks for talking about this! I'm a new cannabis user for chronic pain and insomnia (among several other thing), and I wanted to learn more about how to properly take care of my stuff. Glad to hear you talk about the health and hygiene of dabbing and the like!

    I am curious, if you ever see this comment, if you've ever tried cleaning a bong with vinegar? I heard you can clean it with vinegar and salt, just like with the alcohol. I'm just not sure. I don't want to inhale alcohol as much as you do, so I wouldn't mind knowing if you have any suggestions, tips, or experiences with that. 🙂

    Also, have you ever drawn before? You should do a video of you painting or something while on a THC and then one on CBD. It's really interesting the creativity I get from my Indicas (Northern Lights and Watermelon).

  • where do bong water come from???

  • when are you going to make some more stickers