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How I Roll – Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg

Weedmaps joins Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, as he meets up with Tyler Bereman and preps for his upcoming movie premiere, “Chasing the Storm 2”. Check BTS footage with the latest edit from Weedmaps to see how Twitch rolls.


  • fuck getting tatted up after smoking a bowl fr

  • Twitch True OG

  • I wish before I die I can meet and smoke a j with him.. and if he's down to ride , ride with him to.. 🌲🌲🌲

  • Twitch be smoking that Jungle Boys flowers!!👌👊💯🌲🔥

  • He was on MTV's True Life I think. I remember him from way back in the day.

  • Was he treating for Tourette's at one point? Fascinating to learn how it can assist balance of brain transmissions. Breaks any stereotypes of lazy or uncoordinated, the skateboarders and FMX and surfers. Interview athletes about experience and preferences. All anecdotal, so legal. like Leafly reviews. Or the closing question on Smokebox.

  • Twitch is the shit nice to see you on weed maps – Hostility 🤙

  • fuck donald trump

  • Heyyy new sub!!!! Love ur content so far