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How I Roll – Boo Johnson – Pro Skateboarder

Weedmaps catches up with team skater, Boo Johnson, to see how he rolls on a typical day in his hometown, Long Beach, CA. Waking up with his dogs, rolling down the Long Beach boardwalk and meeting the homies at Cherry Park for a skate sesh, sounds like our kind of day.

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  • the front 3 pop master

  • Awesome???….. Sending good vibes from bavaria????. Cheers

  • I wish I had this lifestyle

  • Some sick tricks on the board!! Great vid..

  • This was dope as hell. Needs more people tho like people with their own spiritual paths and healthy lifestyle type shit

  • This one was really good

  • who is boo johnson?

  • I was just going through this nigga's insta and then I saw this video pop up, good shit!!

  • And they say herb users are lazy,psh, this guys does more than twice as much as most people

  • you related to ASAP Rocky

  • DGK!

  • Good video

  • Blaze me out ya! nah jk faded???

  • Fucken Boo Johnson.!! #MassRoots @Noeltss

  • Second

  • Dabbing along in Hollywood! Sending good vibes???