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Hitman Glass Phase 2 Bubbler Oil Rig and Skilletools – June 3, 2013 – Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide!

Hitman Glass is consistently pushing the envelope with their cutting edge dabbable designs. Phase 2 is Hitman’s line of miniature oil rigs that are perfect as a daily driver but can also easily pack safely for travel. Well equipped a 14mm joint, offset “sidecar” style neck, and brilliance down stem, you can pull hard on these little bubbs without worry of sucking water…


  • Phase 2

  • JESUS THAT RED HOT NAIL. hurts my throat from here

  • Gil. Email me! Going to first ever cup Denver ! 

  • Love my Hitman Phase 2 from VFL Collective !! #SheldonBlackArmy

  • I'm thinking about getting one of these, is there any other glass that I should look in to before purchasing a hit man

  • Not a fan of the hitman greed team. I got a phase 2 for sale. Great small pocket rocket that can be hit on the sly anywhere. Compact flavor savor hit me up if interested for.real

  • wow the police say this is perofonelia? bullshit these are work of art.

  • You guys ever seen a spoon pipe that's actually a non spill percolator u can put in ur pocket? Well I make them and if u don't believe me check out outkastglass.¢0m watch the videos and maybe even get one for yourself =] thanks for the support

  • hahaha i started rapping on the beat, so FADED

  • You can get them at grassroots and it comes with a free hat of your choice

  • yes

  • I would be reeeeally interested to see your review on David Goldsteins' fritted disk pieces.

  • dang !!! that sucks i had the Mini Beaker and hit so good just like the this one in the Vid

  • I want to buy one now

  • feet* xD

  • can i use cannabis oil instead of shatter?

  • This was more sexy than watching porn xD

  • Good liking product