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“Highly Educated DualiTi Nail” (Product Review)



So today I decided I would do a review on the Highly Educated Domeless DualiTi Titanium Nail. I picked it up from AquaLabTechnologies for $58 + shipping. Gotta support Taskrok and his innovations.

– Retains heat well
– Quality grade 2 titanium
– Fits on 14mm and 18mm male joints
– Easy to clean

– Weird Flavor
– Occasionally gets stuck on joint (Fixed by heating it up and taking the nail off with plyers)


  • lmao. the ending killed me. just bought this nail. kinda bummed. it's seems ok for me tho bro

  • I actually like a metally flavor so If that's what it actually tastes like as u described than I might actually like this piece aha

  • can an enail fit on this nail with like a 16mm coil?

  • tight vid, bring us some updates of how this piece is holding up.  Do you think this would work with a "flat coil" enail?

  • I like the video brother. I have the same nail, how long do you heat it up for? 

  • Does ti rust I have the same one 

  • try heating your nail from one side and dabbing thewax on the other side for more flavor because 2 much heat is usually what burns all the terps instantly out of ur wax man 

  • I just bought this as well from alt,! Haha

  • Hey Josh, I'm an ex Washington state resident, could you give an update for the legal recreational cannabis and prices in WA. Been looking online at various stories, but wanted to get your take on it.
    Cheers man!

  • i had the same taste problem with my nail, it went away with time, but i think if i had a half gram or maybe more of some reclaim or some bad wax to dump on the nail… it might have helped it… i just seasoned it by dipping it in water when its red hot…  :/ best of luck!

  • bro you have to season it before you use it. take some old wax or some poo wax and heat the nail up and just but the oil on the nail you have yo season the titiaium trust me fam

  • Great product and all, but insanely overpriced…. I can show you 2 sites that have US grade 2 Ti universal nails (with many badass designs crafted into it) for under 40 shipped. WITH a test page proving its GR2, as well. Why pay 80, 90, 100 plus on something that is under 50 everywhere else? H.E. nails were only good when Ti Nails first came out, now they're just for suckers who think its the "gucci" or "prada" of Ti Nails…. no thanks, give me the same exact thing for 1/3 the price lol

  • Thanks for the review ,getting a nail soon and trying to work out what one i want.but from what i heard ,i think you will get more out of what you have there in time ,try and see.

  • Lol at the end of this vid

  • Informative Vid! Get well soon. Cheers!

  • Hey josh thanks for telling me about the farmer's market, much better herb. Peace and Pot.

  • Nice review I need a rig and nail so soon I'll need info on them so I know what to buy so this comes in handy. Thanks

  • Bummer to hear about the flavor issue man, best of luck with that :)

  • I've been looking for a domeless Ti nail, I might just swoop one like this. Also, wake & bake sessions with a strong sativa dominant hybrid are the shiet.