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High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup 2012 Part 2 In part two of this three part video series, join Gil and the rest of the WeedMaps crew as they visit the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado. Take a tour of the massive WeedMaps patient lounge and see why Colorado is one of the best states to medicate in. You will see some of the highest quality medication and glass in the world so try not to get jealous. If you are curious about who the winners of the Cannabis Cup were, skip on over to part three of this series.

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  • The I pad winner is fine as fuck´╗┐

  • Instead of school I wish I could go to a cannabis cup every day. Screw bad vibes.´╗┐

  • i bet that btch lied

  • im gonna be moving into colorado in 2 years. i know stuff can change by then but can someone tell me a cheaper dispensery that still has quality bud?

  • That's why if Brooklyn N.Y would've legal Marijuana man it would be cool and less crime. I enjoyed this video and have to move to Colorado and enjoy your life. Peace….

  • I'd thoroughly rail Michelle

  • Man… EVERYBODY is high!

  • stupid high idea of a chess board, theres always that one idiot who fuckin tips over the table, but now the game has a stick in the middle. stupid.

  • pinagaralan ng barang ang lasa ng mangyan dahil sunog daw ang balat ng baging sinaing…

  • So this is basically proof that alcohol causes death and turmoil and cannabis heals cancer and results in peaceful gathering.


  • Fuck Stacey's mom let me get Stacey

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  • whats happening now is the general mindset is changing and less people are ignorant to the plants spirit and true use which is incredible, its a great wake up feeling, there can be so much more trust, and things flow better, now that overt lies about the plant have stopped, the world is maturing… BUT the plant should never be the total center of everything, it is humble in that way, its only a messenger, we cant let ourselves be too hung up on it, and shun other aspects of life lol,

  • in the times its not there, we meditate and try not to be hung up we allow other things to captivate us, I myself and trying to get more into this mindstate… its become too easy to have around, I need to take a break, ideally be able to get small amounts at a time, more often, instead of large amounts at one time, because then I find I smoke a lot more, and I appreciate it less, I don't do anything else but smoke and write unless I have to, which is okay, but im missing out on so much

  • its not that the spirit of the herb is not there, when we don't have it around to smoke, but its there in a much more subtle meditative way, I believe the aura of the plant is always intricately connected to living and humanoid beings especially, and in times where its not there in an overt way, if we meditate on it spiritually, we will reach greater plateaus in all areas of our life, but its kind of like the moon, its physically impossible to constantly stare into a full moon…it breathes!

  • though it can be good to have it around a lot for prolonged periods too, you get a different feeling from it then, and this is needed in the case of some serious illnesses, but it can't take you to a state as sublime, at the spiritual level this way, in this form is more the divine masculine, which has more of a physical healing effect, than a spiritual one. the key is balancing the two, because we can all use the physical benefits as well, but unless its a death situation ideally not constant

  • the secret to good herb is really honoring The Divine Feminine but not turning it into the stereotype, but appreciating the details of each moment, think about it beyond just growing the plant, even if you don't grow it but just smoke it, having it around constantly directly within your reach, you will never get as high, or appreciate it as much, as you will if you treat it like a meditation and see the arrival of marijuana as the flowering of a chakra, and then have times of absence as well

  • whats the first song that plays