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High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup 2012 Part 1 In part one of this three part video series, join Gil and the rest of the WeedMaps crew as they visit the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado. Take a tour of the massive WeedMaps patient lounge and see why Colorado is one of the best states to medicate in. You will see some of the highest quality medication and glass in the world so try not to get jealous. If you are curious about who the winners of the Cannabis Cup were, skip on over to part three of this series.

Special musical thanks to:

Foster Care presents Funeral Kings mixtape by Jinx

BIG2DABOY “No More Talkin – Episode 1”
BIG2DABOY1@YAHOO.COM jameil robinson/facebook

Jahni Denver

Felony Fights Soundtrack by SICFUC – MENSREA Records

Gino “Clouds”


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    *Lemon drop:::Grade: A+ *Purple Kush:::Grade:A+ Top
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