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High Times Cannabis Cup Southern California 2015 (Part 1) – Join WeedmapsTV as we explore the first High Times Cannabis Cup of the season in sunny San Bernardino, California!

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  • background music?

  • If you live in a state where it is illegal to grow reply here with the State that you are in

  • 9:44 what a lame drop

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  • When you're at Cannabis Cup do you get to smoke this stuff for free or do you have to pay?

  • Lazy pot heads ruining the future of humanity.

  • which is the device name used to burn extraction in the time of 1:37 am from Brazil would like to acquire one of those who connect wire more do not know the name , thank you !!

  • 4:22 am I just really fuckin stoned or did he just call him ma'am.

  • hi I am not from the usa can I came to the cannabis cup

  • everybody get off it, you cant blame afroman and he shoudlnt get his career ended because of some bullshit like that!

  • That song at 3.15 ?

  • I heard live resin. What's that?


  • Hey man who made that internal pillar recycler? Would love to snag one myself

  • All stoner junkies belong in reefer rehab jails.

  • Fuck taking a pull off of a bong that 1000 other dirty fuckers mouths have been on.

  • Hey Guys! I live in Florida which is a brainwashed state 🙁 And also shitty street weed. BUT good growing weather! Giving away free Big Bud X Northern Lights hmu Free