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HIGH-FI Awareness Event – WeedmapsTV makes it out to the HIGHFI Medical Marijuana Awareness Event, May 18th, in Los Angeles, CA. In this episode Gil interviews Pepper, Bishop “Magic” Don Juan, Adam “Hoobs” Whobrey and more!


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Bishop “Magic” Don Juan


  • So what I got out of this video weed helps cancer patients and this event was put together by the homies from Sesame Street?

  • lmfao 5:42

  • you Americans have it so dam good! medical weed is never going to happen here in New Zealand dinosaur politics and politicians still promote refer madness propaganda bullshit….but fuck you cunts can whine! "the event wasn't this or that, I don't like rappers…blah fucking blah" be grateful for what you have American bitches because we here in New Zealand are 30 fucking years behind in weed reform.

  • I was there it was epic. Pretty much the peeps commenting in this video were not there and are in their own world. It was a Cancer awareness event, feel free to organize one yourselves your way. I spent more on gas getting to the event than they got from me, so not sure how they took in a boatload of cash. There was an area for medicating and more areas that medicating was not permitted. several booths had free dabs.  People were giving me stuff not asking to buy stuff. Bishop is awesome, your loss if you never get to meet him.

  • Too thuggy man. Let's hear the real med side!

  • wtf was that shitt hahahaha
    This niggas shoes fucken ugly 

  • Where do i get a hat with a dabber???

  • Pepper are the biggest posers, they try to sound exactly like Sublime

  • "Awareness Event"? More like a fucking money grab. They will use this medical pretense to reap profits off cannabis. Weedmaps and the whole legal movement are pure bullshit, yea I said it, bullshit…

  • Ctfu @ Don Juan 

  • More facts, less jokey. mention the endocannabinoid system in the human body

  • Bishop still rockin those Emericas they made for him in the early 2000s ha thats great

  • 3:00 "pimpest sneaker iver ever seen in my life" (what he said)

    (What he meant) Those are the tackiest shoes ive ever seen in my life.

  • Stop with the pajamas and baseball hats. 

  • Growers luv bro
    Keep doing what your doing
    Growers luv 

  • none of those lops seem well educated or informed on the positive effects that medical marijuana have on cancer patients. why the fuck would the biship don juan need to be there promoting his ugly sneaker at an event that is about the awareness of medical marijuana? 

  • congrats on your success gil!