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Hi Point – Premium Dispensary Tour – News Oct 9 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Hi Point
5925 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035
Mon – Sun 10am to 12am

Take an inside look at the inner workings of this top notch dispensary. Learn why they are so compassionate as they present to you some of their finest medicine. Make sure to check out their WeedMaps listing for a complete list of all their medication, as well as current store hours and any specials they may have!


  • forget the weed i want her

  • I like the idea of donations, its a nice little tax work around haha

  • I like their prices

  • Can you smoke in dispensaries?

  • I'm moving to Cali

  • 10 gram eighth?

  • Wtf do you mean 5 gram eighth???

  • Sounds like that little kid that got signed to fredo. "8 dollars a gram…… I mean 7… Yea 15 a G " or what ever he was saying lol! 

  • You are so beautiful Stace.

  • 15$ for an eighth? people Michigan dispensary adopt that business model 

  • i used to live down the street on Pico, place used to be packed I'm mad the shut it down in early 2013

  • wow i stay in south LA ive never seen meds priced so fucken high , i mean i get my caps at 35 guaranteed some fire og sativa hybrids all quality meds and dam its crazy how they post up dispensary tours on all the wackest dispensaries,,smh

  • I had something called mighty might about 10 yrs ago id pay that much for nowadays ….all this overpriced Mexican dna stuff is not my idea of top grade.
    have u ever heard of that strain?
    currently I live in o.c. and we get a lot of green crk and sour d ,og kush once in a while..
    hate the purps ,hate the hazes ….possilbly because theyre all grown/ cured incorrectly around here…

  • patients? volunteers? come on..get real

  • An 8th is 3.5 grams. Wtf are they talking abt with the 5 gram and 10 gram "8ths". That doesn't make sense

  • i know theres great stuff in seattle or canada. but theres also great stuff in Cali. from where do you wanna know??you havnt been all over cali and tried every dispensary i m sure!! so stop hating man

  • Holy fuck. She is hot.

  • bla bla bla…shut up you poser mr wannabe big shot..i lived here in cali and trust me, you are talking bullshit