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Herojuana OG Flowers and Wax (Session with PPC Herojuana Wax Taco) – Met up with some friends from PPC in Santa Ana and got to check out their Herojuana OG flowers and wax. I had a camera with me so I filmed some of our session… The larger, headier piece of glass is a E Ross/Capt Crunk Collab, and the smaller piece of glass is a Sheldon Black Concentrator. Music is by my old band El Centro, and I mixed it so it fits better with the video. Cheers! – Gil


  • Anyone who wants their strains showcased , Contact me at , We have what you might say some celebrity connections such as snoop lion aka snoop dogg and currency , Redman and last but not least Dizaster who is very well known battle rapper , I don't know these guys personally but my uncle is a concert promoter and when these guys come to perform , We have to make sure we have the best strains for them . Email if you are willing to donate your product.

  • he put the little balls in ,its tastier and stronger

  • u pack a bowl like a lil girl

  • With all that shake ill be a happy mother fucker !

  • @SychoAirsoftSquad lol right

  • i never said it had no sunlight…maybe read next time

  • hmmm im not sure what you heard but im pretty sure it had sunlight, without sunlight plants cant photosynthesis, without that they cant absorb nutrients, make energy or grow, to genetically modify it, they have to alter the RNA/DNA of the plant in some way, the only time this has been done is in israel recently, they created a strain high in cbd and low in thc, selective breeding on the other hand is breeding strains together to produce a better smelling/tasting strain (not strand lol), peace

  • i have heard many stories in fla about a strand that someone found in kentucky twenty years ago that had survived in the wild with little or no direct sunlight and its one of the best strains in the world when they genetically modified it.
    Cant remember which famous strains its in i forgot

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  • Sticky Sticky 🙂

  • Who the fuck loads a bowl like that..

  • slowest bowl packer ever lol

  • wax taco

  • i wonder what it would taste like to take a bite off that mofo, have u feeling right. i can even comprehend that high

  • the music is sick, read it was your band and kinda got sad, do you have any vids of this song

  • its just a phenotype, "We used a sativa from Kentucky that was one of our favorites and we mixed it with a 35 year old Pakistani, Afghani strain a buddy of mine had in Humboldt. We came up with a method to germinate those old seeds with the pressure bong. We mixed the two together and we made Herojuana." thats an article from the guys who bred the strain

  • looks like a Jamaican pattie

  • just a clever name for a danky indica, fool

  • it's a dangerous narcotic that combines the fun of weed with the death of heroin