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“Herbstick Deluxe Vaporizer” – (Product Review)



Today, i’m reviewing the “Herbstick Deluxe Vaporizer”.

The Herbstick is a conduction vaporizer with a fully functional OLED screen.

Overall I give the Herbstick a [6/7] – I hope to see more companies including a functional display screen, something simple like that, makes such a huge difference!!!

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  • Throwback to 11k

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  • "Those Tempuratures" are combustion. Anything over 390°F is Combustion and you may as well light it with a lighter.

  • Do you find that the whole unit gets heated up quickly, not just the heating chamber? I've found that to be the case with mine. Not sure if it's a defect or not. I have the 3rd gen. I also find that the battery life is much lower. Perhaps I have a faulty one?

  • You can actually get this vape for around 60 dollars on 3FVape. Still a really good vape on the market and one of the cheapest! Cheers!

  • I'm buying one right now, kinda wish there was a code so you'd have the credit. Also it's on sale right now.

  • Nice review man! Subbed awhile ago looking forward to more herbal vape reviews.

  • UK citizens I have the Herbstick deluxe available on eBay. Great product!

  • but is it really vaping at the highest temperature?….

  • cool review. seen one for $55 of your u.s.dollars! is that the real deal? ✌??

  • You forgot the biggest con which is a dealbreaker. Bad flavor, possibly unsafe

  • Hey, i saw your video on how to use your weed conservatively. Taking your advice on buying a vaporizer, weed in Norway is expensive shit, is this a good solution to my problem? Do you have a discount code? ^^, 

  • Ok cool.. but the magnet a lil worries about that.. that's bout it.. cool device..

  • Hopefully you'll get to compare this with the new flowermate pro soon.

  • Ady

    I bust out my vaporizer again with you josh, know what you mean about the led screen, both my portable vape' shave a screen, very handy indeed. Cheers for the great content, love the show

  • Hey josh! another great video man, I love the instrumentals where do you get them?

  • Nice video keep up the good work bro 

  • Do you have a gaming channel??

  • Just wondering what your current name is since it will be josh. …Late bowls lol