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“Herb Saver” – (Product Review)


StrainCentral Herb Saver – []

The Herb Saver is a grinder/storage case that also has an attached kief catcher. It’s smell proof, air-tight, and water-resistant. Great for on the go & outdoor use!

Overall I give the Herb Saver a [4.9/7]

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  • Cant you take the grinder portion and screw it on the screen tho since its three pieces

  • that white Durbin is fire as fuck

  • dude please make a video of your lighers and setup

  • brand new to this channel, looked at this review and noticed it was posted on my birthday. that is a sign, i'm going to buy a "straincentral" herb saver!

  • You should do a give away for all your extras ?

  • LOVE how you were so honest about your product. Also who makes that hamp wick storage?

  • I bet I could fit a ounce in there

  • hell yea go sea hawks!!

  • Josh needs to make a comparison video to medtainer

  • i dont like the fact that it's a plastic grinder

  • What you mean you can't clean a grinder put a nickel in there for no kief left behind then also clean your grinder with a toothbrush I've had my grinder for 2 years still shiny like day 1

  • the weedtuber that does ratiings 1-7

  • maybe some metal teeth as it has a screen

  • Hey the bottom keef holder is too big. you will never fill it up. That will make room for more weed.

  • One day , that beard , will set a light and just burn your whole head ….haha

  • Are they 100% smellproof? could a dog smell it? ?

  • Josh I've needed a grinder for so long! I'd LOVE a grinder with the logo of my favorite weed tuber. :)

  • polypropylene virtually indestructible

  • Clicked on this video to see a guy with a kick ass beard wearing a Marshawn Lynch jersey smoking weed, i think we would be friends

  • why can't be this available in germany :(