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Herb Preserve Jars Product Showcase – News Sept 18 2012 – Visit and search menus for Herb Preserve locations. – Visit for more information

Song: R.I.P.
Artist: Childish Gambino


  • so if you drive threw a DUI check point with one of these jars will I work against the damn K9?

  • every true bud smoker knows you shouldnt keep your bud in the light im not a fan of these jars i like my mason jars cheap and good just keep it in a cool dark place

  • "not a single customer has returned the jar" That's so fucking wrong. bad liars lmfao.

  • What's the song at the beginning? 

  • Where can I find one. Buying online isn't an option for me

  • Do they sell the smaller ones like the one that hold a half ounce or ounce at any shop?

  • Does the Himalayan gold jar for pre rolls hold the 1.25 raw papers with raw tips ?

  • had some bugs in one of these for like 2 and a half months and it was still dank af. 

  • is it possible to use the pre roll jar for the hearbs as well 

  • What are you using to light your bong? And where can I get one? I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Ive had my weed in a plastic jar and after a week it got dry and crumbly but, for some reason, i got higher faster when i smoked it.

  • vape the dry weed faggot

  • since when are UV Rays beneficial?

  • this looks like the uv 420 jars

  • Can you use theses for black & milds? Kuz I leave mine in the car and they stink unless I smoke them better then cigs thou

  • Yea I'm about to share this on my weed page pretty good I was thinking if I should buy one now I say it's a must thanks for the review.

    Any fellow weed heads want the link page it's on my video kool weed apps. Or any of my weed videos.

  • thanks man i bought the glass on glass just to be more safe

  • Depends on how many flowers you carry at a given time. Since I vape, I personally don't need anything larger than the 1/8th jar. However, based on those, get the Purple Kush if you don't mind spending extra money. The glass on glass functionality is absolutely airtight. The screw on lids are too, but the foam seal on the lid requires that you to tightly screw it on every time. If you loosely screw it on, some air will seep in!

  • He uses the Embur. It's cool, but pricey.

  • He should have eliminated variables and smoked from the same piece. Before and after weigh-ins might have been insightful too.