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Hempfest Recap Smoke Session!!


Since i’ve been slacking on videos the last couple days, I thought i’d just do a quick smoke session talking about what Hempfest is, why it happens, and who I saw while I was there!! Hope you enjoy! 😛

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  • 400,000? That seems like an insanely high number, The Denver Cannabis Cup i 2015, wasn't no where near that number. still had a badass time tho

  • Yo u guys need to like have a hemp conference like u , custom grow, poddington , thctemple and like everyone else that would be like the fucking hemp dream team lmao

  • I wan't your T-shirt.

  • great video

  • great video

  • Just saw you from Jolies page and popped in, super chill video man, keep it up! All my friends watch customs videos and I'll turn them on to yours as well! Cheers!

  • I don't know if you have heard about Nelson Ledges, but it's for sure one of my favorite places to go around where I live. They have some awesome festivals. Sounds similar to the one you talked about having a shit ton of woods and people kiccckkkking it! lol Btw, new subscriber here! You know what the fuck is up! Cheers!

  • +StrainCentral I just watched you on Costumegrow 420 and you seem like a sick guys, ill subscribe all day long man, big ups and hope your channel grows!!!

  • 1puglife dot com!!!

  • Customgrow420 sent me, love your vids dude haha

  • miss hempfest ever since i moved to cali. cheers.

  • Josh, you always make me happy whenever i watch your videos if i'm having a bad day. Keep on doing you and stay smokin. Cheers from TN

  • I've been noticing that dab piece quite a bit any specific story behind the all the sudden very frequent use

  • Vaping along on some Northern Lights, a rare treat in Dublin.

  • I do love this chill vids man! Cheers!

  • That shirt is fucking sick! What laws are changing?

  • Good Stuff Josh!!

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) I watched your other video and i wanted to know if "" a legit website… Some people say theyve been screwed 🙁 (Anyone in the comment section can you reply if you know the answer) lol Love these videos :)

  • love all of your vids keep bein awesome cant wait till florida is a legal state and i can go to stuff like this

  • I want that shirt