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Thought I’d upload a quick something before I get all the edited content out tonight ? Hope you guys enjoy!


  • It was a pleasure running into you at the event! Kudos on your work bruddah!

  • 1.17 is that fat Joe?

  • What do you eat when you get high and why ?

  • Sad we couldn't arrange a meetup Josh, had a blast down there for 3days and the reception was really warm lots of love was thrown around haha, Hope you atleast say hi Next time your in Colorado bub!


    #Ryze #RyzeHigher

  • looks like everyone had an awesome time.wish I'd been there.

  • you were at hempfest? i live a few blocks from there and I was volunteering there. I wish I knew i would have said hi.

  • how cool is it that these collabs happen I started watching groovy a couple months ago been subbed to the boy josh for 2 years tho

  • ENGLISH IS HARD its the governments fault!!

  • CringeCentral

  • Are we gonna see another CG420 collab?

  • Josh it is the "cringe factor" that has made me a big, big fan of Strain Central. It's not so much "cringe" as it's amusing to your audience. I love and chuckle to myself whenever you don't English very well or say English is hard sometimes. I find your channel to be incredibly  entertaining and informative, even when I'm not high. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well. Peace, love and positivity.

  • Ready for the day 2 vlog!!??

  • bro do you have a family member that works at Walmart in Chehalis WA it's like a little over a hour from Seattle the guy at Walmart looks just like you

  • groovy mac collab please I have wanted this video for so long

  • What is hempfest phone quickie? I'm from Finland idk what that means

  • Looked all over for you on Saturday, I was sad to not find you :/ but truth be told, i was locked on the grass watching hula hoop dancers for half the time, so you probably passed me once haha. Hempfest was an absolute amazing time :)

  • Aw man can't wait for the raw og collab

  • hyped for the groovymac collab !!!

  • I think it would be hilarious if you started your video off with a "YEAYA WHAT UP YOUTUBE!" just out of the blue haha

  • You need to shave your beard. You look Amish