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I had trouble uploading this from my air bnb wifi, so I thought i’d throw it up now!! I smoke some weed that was given to me by some viewers & ramble about Hempfest!

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  • Chill sesh brother cheers!

  • No special for 420k?

  • This channel is way better than custom

  • I liked the transition, it was different

  • Thanks for the great video! Always an inspiration to other Youtubers!

  • Much love Strain love da vids keep dem comin shoutin out from Colorado. But bro 30 a g that is fuckin not ok I gets my for 21 and that's top self of fire ass wax and that's Rec And Medical. I just thought that was A crazy price

  • I got a challenge for you, me and my dad made up the "very medicated challenge". Eat a potent edible, take a bong rip of thc and cbd flower and take a dab of thc and cbd shatter. It's harder than it sounds lol. Are you down to do the challenge?

  • hey Josh, goodvideo! different environment and creative camera angles seems to work great for a ramble likethis one. and i think hempfest gave you new energy, did you thinkabout visiting weed fests in other states? it might be an interesting video series. anyway, have a great time, cheers! ☺

  • that variety pack for 50 is such a good deal

  • How's it goin

  • munch and bake after a long ass day at work (smokeing the purple lemon haze)

  • where is the tree at go back to ur old days where you smoked weed more than dabbed

  • "Holy shit" 😂😂

  • Hey I just had the saddest day of my life and I need you to make it better, I was smoking and watching this video and I dropped my phone on my bong and broke it 😭 plz look out , it's my daily driver I'm super pissed 😤😤

  • Stfu u talk to much

  • Needed this today

  • thank you for wake n bake

  • Josh hope ur doing better sending good vibes trowrds you bro

  • Good shit Josh