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HEMPFEST 2016 – DAY 3!


This was one of the craziest years of Hempfest yet & I can’t believe how many of you wonderful people I was able to meet. I had sooooo much footage, it was hard to edit it down 😛

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  • this November vote yes in Ma. woohooo

  • 2:05 I was thinking of getting that exact shirt that the afro jew fro guy has on except in white. Don't know if I'll get it now but it's pretty cool in white.

  • Bruh why yall greasing his likes. Get my man to 1k likes each vid

  • JOSH QUESTION: Where did you get these shades you have on? My BF needs shades for his Large Head, and I figure if itll fit you,,, lol. not insulting, Love you!! LMAO SERIOUSLY NAME OF THOSE SHADES THO!!!

  • im 15

  • im so sad lynch retired. it was truelly a gift to b alive and watching him play during his career he was so good. I think with about 4 or 5 more seasons he would have become a no doubt 1st ballot hall of famer. i still think he will get in there though, for having such an impressive short career

  • yo r the seahawks still rockin those badass spotted dark and light blue and neon green colours? no lie, they looked the freshest in the nfl the year they won the superbowl (against manning not brady, i think they had slightly different colors in both). Tell me if im wrong (n hopefully tell me the right thing lol) but i think they darkened the neon green back to normal og hawks green and i think they did away with either tye dots or the reflective stuff on their helmets. Damn, they looked good that year tho, like when ASU had those black n yellow helmets that have a similar pattern as jacksonville now, damn those were nice! Now Baylors got the freshest uniforms, but of course they had to be gross human beings with no morals what so ever and fo the nighmarish things they did so i will nvr have respect again 4 em. Doesnt matter if its a whole new class, they hetter go above and beyond w the community service to gain anyones respect back, those disgusting excuses for football players.

  • Are you gonna be at the Boston freedom rally?

  • How'd you find raw and didn't find groovy Mac they were literally staying together??

  • I have got to move out of Georgia.

  • how does hempfest work for someone who is not from a cannabis legal state like texas?? like if we wanted to go to washington for the fest, would i need a card? or be a washington citizen?

  • hey josh 🙂
    i really appreciate the time and work u spent in ur content and of course ur charisma ^^
    just wanted to let u know that somebody notice's ur hard work,keep doing with it 🙂
    i just quit like that u don't care about the tiny ,,mistakes,, u do ( like evry other single human could do the same) 😀
    i know u love to do that but i know that it aquires much time to load up a single video
    so thank u really much 4 beeing urself and try to teach other beeing good to each other
    keep going and stay positive :)

  • Dank vid yo ?

  • What's the name of that instrumental

  • any of yall potheads wanna go listen to some music check out Modernday hippies

  • what happen to ty high guys channel????

  • That beat and that b-roll <3

  • Are you worried about the new community guidelines on YouTube that could stop the monetization of your videos

  • they guy in the back seat was hard core staring

  • where's the uploads at