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HEMPFEST 2016 – DAY 2!


I really didn’t have all too much footage from day 2, but day 3 is going to be quite the long one! 😛 Hempfest was incredibly fun & i’ll still be occasionally intermixing footage throughout the week!

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  • Did anyone saw the guy at 4:20 in the background?
    Too high for this shit :D

  • why are you recording audio on your phone?

  • yo josh it was cool finally meeting you bro hope we get to sesh sometime in the future brotha!!!stay lifted and always happy brody cheers!!

  • The person with the bagpipes was tripping balls – he was on another channel playing just as badly.

    Exact same guy.

  • I'm surprised you didn't mention the heat. I was there on day 2 as well and it was hot as shit. Contrary to popular opinion, Seattle is not always cold and rainy. #TEAMSATIVA

  • LOL that street… Not fun.

  • you work so hard!!! you deserve a vacation, your viewers love you!

  • Just think if this was an alcohol festival, everyone would be stumbling around, throwing up and getting in fights. lol I wish I was in a legal state.

  • 4:11 is just too funny, the girl's face and even the guy behind her are priceless

  • So do you have to be 21 to go to Hempfest and smoke? Im 19 tomorrow! :D

  • Josh I'm a Y'HUGE fan but when you were filming yourself in the light your beard looked like it was a bunch of pubes

  • Dat moment when you spill all your weed over the floor..

  • Josh was so stoned that day Italian rescue workers tried to rescue him

    alright I will go back to hell

  • no gonna lie that burger looked bomb af…. YOLO

  • Omg. For someone who eats less than 1000 calories a day, that burger would leave me without any calories left to eat for a month.

  • loved the intro josh

  • this is, heigh ohhhh……. ? I think Josh and Ty make great videos together! they should team up for another fun channel of the adventures of the high team. ? no really I was sorry to see Tyler leave.? be high and teach peace you guys.?✌

  • dude you look like werewolf:D

  • is in the us smoking spliffs also as common as it is in Germany? because everybody I smoke with smokes 50/50 tabaco and weed