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So I had the chance to go to Hempfest yesterday and it was AWESOME! I met a ton of really cool people, smoked some quality cannabis, and just enjoyed the day! We had perfect weather, Maybe even a little hot for us WA folk ­čśŤ

Before I left I got to meet up with Mario Juana, Toast from Poetry in Metal, ThatSoto, and Joellie from CustomGrow420 and had a great time dabbing with them all!

Hope you enjoy! Cheers~


  • Joliiieeeeeeeeeeee . Lol´╗┐

  • I know this is an old video and such, but what's the song brotha?? Very chill song to relax and blaze to.´╗┐

  • hell ya bro I'm diggin this channel, cheers bro from ABQ, NEW MEXICO´╗┐

  • chill video my munn!!! love the positive vibes you bring to cannabis, i live my life with it as well´╗┐

  • I wanted to see the booths lol´╗┐

  • Living The Dream Man. Keep Doing It Up.´╗┐

  • Late 90's/early 2000's Tom Delonge ripping dabs in the red polo hahaha´╗┐

  • guys got to hold the hit in a little bit longer to get that full affect´╗┐

  • Soto power, cheers ´╗┐

  • this is a true dream.. wow.. wish we were able to do this in other places other than washington state and colorado.., the future´╗┐

  • I'm from Seattle too man´╗┐

  • Fuck yea man hempfest 2014! Cheers!´╗┐

  • whats up with Joellie from CustomGrow420´╗┐

  • Fun bro´╗┐

  • one of the last videos on youtube of joelieolie´╗┐

  • I was medicated but still didn't want to take over your vid. We will have more vids in the futere! Thanks for the dab!´╗┐

  • I'd be down to dab with customgrow420 too haha´╗┐

  • Wow that's the quietest I have ever seen Jolie Olie lol…awesome vid dude totally hope to meet y'all one day´╗┐

  • nice vibe! love the video´╗┐